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Phone: 415-575-6158  |  Fax: 415-575-1264
Hours: 9am-5pm, Monday - Friday

Email for Appointments.

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Student Affairs- Student Workers
415-575-6158 | | Room 302
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday 10:00am-5:00pm
New Student Orientation~Commencement~Disability Services~Student Cash Advance~Lockers~Student ListServ~Campus Group/Event Scheduling
Yunny Yip- Dean of Students
415-665-5573 || Room 301
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 9:30am-5:00pm
Fraylanie Aglipay - Associate Dean of Students 
415-655-5575(Mission Campus) 415-229-9736 (Arkansas Campus) | | Room 301 
Mondays & Fridays: Mission Campus, 
Tuesdays, Wednesday, & Thursdays: Arkansas Campus, Administrative Office
Jody O'Connor - Associate Director of Student Affairs, International Student Recruitment and Services
415-575-6157 | | Room 302
International Student Recruitment & Services Fulbright Adviser
Lauren Selfridge - Associate Director of Student Affairs, Students Disability Services
415-575-6171 | | | Room 302  Tuesdays and Fridays only
Disability Services~ Support to the Student Affairs Office
Hedi VafaeeniaStudent Affairs Coordinator, Student Disability Services & Wellness Center
415-575-6158  | | Room 302
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00am-4:00pm
Disability Services~Student Wellness Center
Sandra Williams-Career Development Manager
415-575-6118 | | Room 302
Office Hours: Mondays at ACTCM. Tuesday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm
Career Advising~Support and related Career Development Services~ Community Networking
Student Union | 415-575-6256 |Cubicle 426B

 *For more information and immediate inquiries it is best to please email to schedule an appointment. 



On-line Bookstore

 The new CIIS Bookstore operates completely online

 and can be visited at

 Benefits of the CIIS Online Bookstore:

  • View a personalized page featuring all your courses and required course materials  
  • Save an average of 60% off list price at the Marketplace  
  • Select from new, used, eBook, and rental options  
  • Free shipping offers on most orders over $49  
  • Sell your books back on our website at any time of the year- you name the price


CIIS Insignia Merchandise Online Store

In lieu of a having a physical book store, CIIS has created an insignia merchandise store, hosted by Click here to visit the store.

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Student Affairs Office
Welcome Spring 2018 Students! (.pdf, 89K)

Your new endeavor brings many opportunities, and we look forward to hearing about your upcoming transitions and transformations. Our Student Affairs team is ready to support you throughout your CIIS experience and eagerly awaits your arrival!


2017-18 Student Handbook (.pdf, 782K)

 This Student Handbook contains information that concerns students, including both Undergraduate and Graduate students.


CIIS Posting Policy (.pdf, 26K)

A helpful tool to assist you in posting flyers for your group or event.


San Francisco Food Pantry Calendar (.pdf, 94K)

Pantries that give away free groceries and/or produce.


Student Complaint Form (Jan 2016) (.doc, 295K)

 As a way of documenting complaints at CIIS, we request that you fill out the the student complaint form.


Financial Aid Documents
Federal Tax Benefits at a Glance (.pdf, 94K)

You may be able to take advantage of a number of federal tax benefits, including credits, deductions and saving incentives to offset your cost for college or career training. 


Guide to Tax Benefits for Higher Education (.pdf, 442K)

This guide zeroes in on the basic qualifications for higher education-related tax benefits. This guide is intended for educational use and is not legal or tax advice.


Information on eligibility for free tax preparation services (.pdf, 128K)

If you plan to file a tax return for 2018, you may be able to file through the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program that offers free tax help for qualifying taxpayers.


Student Worker Benefits--Quick Guide (.pdf, 94K)
This document hosts a list of benefits that apply to most students employed in campus jobs. The document includes information on paid sick leave, medical care reimbursement funds and free audits. Please refer to the Student Employment Handbook for details for student employment at CIIS. (updated 2018).
Healthcare Providers

Please visit the CIIS Wellness Center Services tab at (you must be logged in).


Crisis Intervention Resources (.pdf, 20K)
Listing of resources (i.e., hotlines, agencies) for Individuals in Crisis, Victims of Domestic Violence/Abuse, Victims of  Sexual Assault.
Other Forms and Information
Incident Report Form (.pdf, 93K)

Complete, sign and return this form to any receptionist at 1453 Mission or leave a copy in the 4th floor drop and/or scan/email to:


2017-18 Student Handbook (.pdf, 1441K)

 This Student Handbook contains information that concerns students, including both Undergraduate and Graduate students.


Public Service Loan Forgiveness Information
Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Options Workshop Presentation Slides (.ppt, 2906K)

Repayment Options, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Deferment and Forbearance Resources available to you.


Public Service Loan Forgiveness Workshop Handout 03-09-12 (.pdf, 68K)

The Questions & Answers (Q&As) that follow provide information about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program that is available to most borrowers with loans made through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Direct Loan ProgramSM).


Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Student Health Insurance-Spring 2018

Dear Spring 2018 Admits,

We look forward to welcoming you to CIIS in January!


PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL CAREFULLY, AS IT CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR ACCESS TO AND ENROLLMENT IN CIIS’s STUDENT PLAN WITH UNITED HEALTHCARE.  If you do not follow the required steps, you may be automatically enrolled in and responsible for the charges associated with the healthcare plan.


  1. ONLY ELIGIBLE STUDENTS ARE PERMITTED TO ENROLL IN OUR UNITED HEALTHCARE PLAN.  Eligible students are defined as full time students with a California address (as listed in CIIS’s system).  To check what defines full time in your program (note that each program has a different credit definition of full time) and/or check your address in our system, please see:  


Students intending to be eligible for our health insurance plan must update their address in CIIS’s system through the Registrar Office:

                SUS / ACTCM – no later than 1/16/18

                SCT / SPPH – no later than 1/23/18


Students who do NOT meet both eligibility criteria will not be permitted to enroll in CIIS’s plan.  As such, they also do NOT need to waive health insurance coverage.

    1. Enroll in the United Healthcare Plan
    2. Waive enrollment by showing proof of comparable insurance


Eligible students who do not complete either of the above actions will be automatically enrolled in the United Healthcare plan for the entire year, with the charge levied to their student account.


The open enrollment and waiver period is effective now until 1/16/18 (for SUS/ACTCM students) or 1/23/18 (for SCT/SPPH students).  Rates are listed at the bottom.  Detailed plan benefits, enrollment and waiver portals, FAQ’s, and more are available on the Gallagher Student Health Website: Options are available for spouse and child add on.  Students will be billed through their student account following their enrollment on the Gallagher website. 


If you have any questions after visiting the Gallagher Student Health Insurance site, please email



UnitedHealthcare is the largest, national insurance carrier.  The plan is fully compliant with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and has several key features including:

  • Low Annual Deductibles:  $200 In-Network and $400 Out-of-Network
  • Coverage at 80% In-Network and 60% Out-of-Network
  • $25 Office Visits for In-Network Providers (includes specialists and mental health providers)
  • Preventive care services covered at 100% In-Network
  • Prescription drug coverage: $15 copay/ Tier 1, $50 copay/ Tier 2, 20% coinsurance/ Tier 3
  • TeleHealth services available through Healthiest You
  • Wellness discounts including Vision and Dental


All full-time students with a California address will be required to purchase the UnitedHealthcare Plan unless proof of comparable insurance is provided during the waiver and enrollment period now until 1/16/18 (for SUS/ACTCM students) or 1/23/18 (for SCT/SPPH students.  Note that the waiver form asks for detailed information about your comparable plan.  These questions are consistent with what other health insurance programs need to approve such waivers.


Thank you for your attention to this important change in our student health program.  You can also access more information online by visiting and clicking on ‘My Benefits and Plan Information’ located to the left.


 2017-2018 RATES:

Spring/Summer: 01/01/2018 – 07/31/2018 (charges are for the entire Spring/Summer term – NOT by month)






Spring/Summer (J-)



Spring/Summer (J-)



Spring/Summer (J-)

One Child


Spring/Summer (J-)

Two or more Children


Spring/Summer (J-)

Spouse and 2 or more Children




Spring/Summer (J-)

Spouse and 2 or more Children


Spring/Summer (J-)



Spring/Summer (J-)



Spring/Summer (J-)

One Child


Spring/Summer (J-)

Two or more Children



NEW - Online Cash Advance Request Form

Online Cash Advance Request Form (New)

To be eligible for the Student Cash Advance, you must meet the following criteria:

1. You must be a current Financial Aid recipient.
2. You must NOT be a new student – you cannot receive a cash advance during your first semester.
3. You must be enrolled during the semester in which you want to receive the cash advance.

Please apply for the Student Cash Advance through the Financial Aid Office at the link below:

Use Discretion When Posting
Please be aware that what you post in the Bulletin Board area can be seen by anyone, including the public. As such, we recommend that you refrain from including too much personal information, such as your telephone number, address, etc. (Only CIIS students may post messages.)
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