Welcome to CIIS’ Unique Culture of Transformative Learning!


As a new student, incoming folks are eligible to participate in CIIS’ Bridge Program! The Bridge is an opportunity to be supported with transitioning into a new city and/or educational environment with a cohort of first-year students.

The Bridge Program creates space to hone foundational writing, research, and classroom communication skills, cultivate resilience, belonging, and academic confidence as you gain tools for thriving during your time at CIIS. You are invited to participate in community-building workshops, welcome mixers, and connect with mentors, peers, and advisors who will support you throughout your time at CIIS.

CIIS will contact incoming students with details for registering for all or part of the Bridge Program services. If you have questions, please reach out to bridge@ciis.edu.


2021-2022 DATES

CIIS strongly recommends all incoming international students participate in the Bridge Program Writing Intensive at the start of their program. F-1 students are required to attend the Summer Intensive and particularly the in-person meeting(s) in order to maintain their F1 visa status. Details forthcoming upon one's acceptance.

Aug 2-12: International Student Bridge Summer Writing Intensive. This two-week writing intensive is geared specifically for the international student community. International students will have the opportunity to engage academically and connect socially with other new CIIS international students. The program is designed to challenge you intellectually, sharpen your academic writing skills, and give you an early orientation and introduction to the University and program expectations and culture.

Aug 9-12: Student Bridge Program Writing and Diversity Intensive. A writing, diversity, and social awareness intensive for working students, first generation college students, returning adult learners, international students and historically underrepresented students. This module will prepare incoming students for the types of writing required across academic programs at CIIS. This interactive workshop is designed to re-familiarize students with the critical reading, writing, and analytical skills that are the foundation for effective academic writing. We'll also engage in community-building activities to strengthen communication skills and classroom engagement.

August 13: New International Student Orientation. Please see details at MyCIIS International Students page

September 2021- exact date TBD: F-1 Visa Holder In-Person Intensive Day-Long, Mission Street campus. An in-person day-long academic and culture intensive is required for new international students using the F-1 student visa. More details will come from the International Students Office.

Week of January 10, 2022: Bridge Program Winter Writing Intensive and New International Student Orientation. This one-week writing intensive is geared specifically for the international student community and includes in-person meeting requirements to maintain one's F1 student visa.


What is the Bridge Program?

The Bridge Project is a writing intensive at the start of each fall/spring semester and a year-long program of support designed to assist first-year students in building academic confidence and cultivating a sense of belonging as they enter into CIIS’ unique educational culture. Serving a diverse and global community, the Bridge Project will connect students with a supportive cohort of peers, mentors, faculty, and advisors through writing workshops, diversity and social justice modules and educational and social events. All programs are free to participating students.

What will I (as a student entering CIIS) gain from participating in the Bridge Program?

As a participant in this dynamic Bridge Program, you will:

  • Gain assistance with transitioning into a new city and educational environment
  • Join a supportive cohort of first-year students
  • Hone foundational writing, research, and classroom communication skills
  • Cultivate resilience, belonging, and academic confidence, as you gain tools for thriving during your time at CIIS
  • Participate in community-building workshops and welcome mixers
  • Connect with mentors, peers, and advisors who will support you throughout your time at CIIS 


Ongoing Year-Long Support-- The Bridge Mentor Program: Besides the above learning modules, students will work with advisors and peer mentors throughout the Bridge year, cultivating a sense of resilience, belonging, and confidence in their academic and professional skills. Possible support modalities will be individualized based on students’ needs and professional goals, and may include:

  • Integrated academic support through CWS credit-based writing and research courses
  • Advising meetings with Bridge leadership and staff
  • An online Canvas community page with resources, tutorials, and videos
  • Collaborating with faculty to integrate support modules and workshops in individual classes
  • Support for living and thriving within the context of the San Francisco Bay Area
Questions about the Bridge Program: bridge@ciis.edu
Questions for international students: joconnor@ciis.edu