SF Housing Resources Guide - a comprehensive resource for moving to the Bay Area. Created by the City of SF Mayor's Office. Topics include:

Eviction, Housing Rights and Legal Resources

Resources for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

Housing Application Resources

Homebuyer, Renter and Financial Counseling

Resources for Veterans

Resources for the Elderly

Resources for Families

Youth Resources

Resources for Domestic Violence Survivors

Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

Resources for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

(.pdf, 444K)

A step-by-step guide, written by a CIIS student, to advise you as you make your move to the San Francisco Bay Area.


(.pdf, 1233K)

Need to arrive? This document gives you information on Hotels, Hostels, Cooperatives, Facebook Groups, Airbnb etc. That may help you with short-term accommodations to start your move to the Bay Area.


(.pdf, 474K)

A Renter's Resume will help you provide the landlord with all your necessary information and may help maximize your chances of securing the property. (You don't necessarily need one)


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