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Mission St. Campus
1453 Mission Street, Room 405, San Francisco, CA 94103 | 415-575-6126 | f 415-575-1267
9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday
10:00am-6:00pm Friday
10:00am-2:00pm Saturday, Aug 26 & Sep 2, 2017
ACTCM Campus
455 Arkansas Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
415-229-9737 | f 415-282-0856
8:00am-11:00am Monday-Friday, or contact Jim Hable for an appointment
Dan Gurler | Registrar | 415-575-6125 |
Policy compliance and interpretation | Requests for exceptions | Complaints | Academic probation | Student inactivation | VA School Official
Jim Hable | Associate Registrar | 415-229-9737 (mornings) | 415-575-3408 (afternoons) |
Registration, grading, transcripts, and VA School Official for acupuncture programs | Transfer credit | Program modifications | Advising worksheet assistance | Independent study registrations
  Lisa Sowunmi | Assistant Registrar | 415-575-6127 |
Advancement to candidacy processing | Degree conferral | Diplomas | Individual practicum and comprehensive exam registrations | Class scheduling | Waitlists

Francisco Gomez | Registrar Coordinator | 415-575-6126 ||
Registration | Transcript requests | Personal information updates | Leaves of absence | Enrollment and degree verifications | Financial petitions | Grading | Withdrawals from CIIS | General questions
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Key to Acronyms (click link to see which programs are in which school)

ACTCM = American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

SCT = School of Consciousness and Transformation

SPPH = School of Professional Psychology and Health

SUS = School of Undergraduate Studies


Jun 20 - Summer SPPH/SCT deadline to withdraw from a course and receive 75% refund

Jun 21 (4:00pm) - Summer SPPH/SCT Financial Aid excess funds disbursed

Jun 22 - Summer Graduation Application Deadline

Jun 27 - Fall ACTCM Class Schedule available

Jun 27 - Summer SUS/ACTCM deadline to withdraw from a course and receive 50% refund

Jul 4 - Independence Day (buildings closed)

Jul 5 - Summer SPPH/SCT deadline to withdraw from a course and receive 50% refund

Jul 18 (12:05pm) - Fall ACTCM registration opens

Aug 1 - Fall SPPH/SCT Late Registration Deadline

Aug 7 - Summer SPPH/SCT semester ends

Aug 10 - Fall SUS/ACTCM Late Registration Deadline

Aug 23 - Summer SPPH/SCT grades due

Aug 24 - Fall SPPH/SCT semester begins; Fall SPPH/SCT Audit Registration opens

Aug 26 (Sat) - Registrar's Office open 10:00am-2:00pm

Aug 31 - Fall SUS/ACTCM semester begins; Fall SUS/ACTCM Audit Registration opens

Aug 31 - Fall SPPH/SCT Add/Drop Deadline and Grade Option Selection Deadline

Sep 2 (Sat) - Registrar's Office open 10:00am-2:00pm

Sep 4 - Labor Day (buildings closed)

Sep 12 - Fall SUS/ACTCM Add/Drop Deadline and Grade Option Selection Deadline

Sep 19 (4:00pm) - Fall SPPH/SCT Financial Aid excess funds disbursed

Sep 26 - Fall SUS/ACTCM deadline to withdraw and receive 75% refund

Sep 27 (4:00pm) - Fall SUS/ACTCM Financial Aid excess funds disbursed

Sep 28 - Fall Graduation Application due


For a complete listing, see the Academic Calendar.

Three Best Practices
Three Best Practices (.pdf, 282K)
Common Transactions

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How To Register (.mov, 123900K)
How to Request a Grade Change (.mov, 7184K)
How to Request a Grade of Incomplete (.mov, 11124K)
How to Request a Refund After the Deadline (.mov, 5304K)
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