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CIIS Viewbook - Overview of all programs
CIIS Viewbook (.pdf, 20753K)
Program Brochures

Below are downloadable PDF versions of some of our program brochures. If you'd like to receive a hard copy in the mail, please complete the Request Information Form.

Anthropology and Social Change (MA, PhD) (.pdf, 1644K)
Asian Philosophies and Cultures (.pdf, 455K)
Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion Program (BA) (.pdf, 6693K)
Bachelors of Science in Psychology (.pdf, 4139K)
Clinical Psychology (PsyD) (.pdf, 6000K)
Community Mental Health (MA) (.pdf, 1928K)
Drama Therapy (MA) (.pdf, 404K)
East West Psychology (MA, PhD) (.pdf, 2315K)
Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion (MA, PhD) (.pdf, 2187K)
Expressive Arts Therapy (MA) (.pdf, 2114K)
Human Sexuality (PhD) (.pdf, 2080K)
Integral Counseling Psychology (MA) (.pdf, 4753K)
Integral and Transpersonal Psychology (PhD) (.pdf, 1737K)
Integrative Health Studies (MA) (.pdf, 1872K)
MFA Programs (.pdf, 2271K)
Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness (MA, PhD) (.pdf, 1908K)
Somatic Psychology (MA) (.pdf, 2159K)
Transformative Leadership (MA) (.pdf, 1868K)
Transformative Studies (PhD) (.pdf, 2008K)
Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice (MA) (.pdf, 1977K)
Women's Spirituality (PhD) (.pdf, 2034K)
ACTCM at CIIS, Post Graduate Doctorate (DAOM) (.pdf, 10369K)
ACTCM at CIIS, MSTCM/DACM program brochure (MSTCM/DACM) (.pdf, 1421K)
ACTCM at CIIS, First Professional Doctorate Flyer (DACM) (.pdf, 2566K)
ACTCM at CIIS, transitional Doctorate flyer (transitional DACM) (.pdf, 499K)
Integral and Transpersonal Psychology (PhD) Booklet (.pdf, 534K)
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