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Links to program pages, which contain program-specific information, will appear on the left once you're logged into MyCIIS. The Canvas log-in is below. Canvas is CIIS' online course platform, and uses a separate log-in from MyCIIS. All courses, whether online or in-person, have a Canvas course space, and it where the syllabus can be found.
Current Catalog
2017-2018 Catalog (.pdf, 3267K)

Policies in the current catalog replace the policies in all previous catalogs and apply to all students regardless of when they began their program; students are held to the course requirements, however, in the catalog under which they were admitted (or readmitted). The university reserves the right to update its policies within an academic year. These updates can be found on the Academics Policies and Procedures page.

Academic Years 2010-2016
2016-2017 Catalog (.pdf, 7788K)
2015-2016 Catalog (.pdf, 4366K)
2014-2015 Catalog (.pdf, 4545K)
2013-2014 Catalog (.pdf, 2513K)
2012-2013 Catalog (.pdf, 13304K)
2011-2012 Catalog (.pdf, 2906K)
2010-2011 Catalog (.pdf, 1702K)
Academic Years 2000 - 2009
2009-2010 Catalog (.pdf, 2661K)
2008-2009 Catalog (.pdf, 5110K)
2006-2008 Catalog and Addendum (.pdf, 15346K)
2004-2005 and 2005-2006 Catalog (.pdf, 39K)
2003-2004 Catalog (.pdf, 38K)
2002-2003 Catalog (.pdf, 39K)
2001-2002 Catalog (.pdf, 41K)
2000-2001 Catalog (.pdf, 40K)
Academic Years 1990 - 1999

No catalog was issued in 1998-99.

1999-2000 Catalog (.pdf, 15264K)
1996-1998 Catalog and Addendum (.pdf, 18320K)
1994-1996 Catalog and Addendum (.pdf, 15880K)
1992-1994 Catalog (.pdf, 12060K)
1990-1992 Catalog (.pdf, 10399K)
Academic Years 1980 - 1989
1988-1990 Catalog (.pdf, 8286K)
1986-1988 Catalog (.pdf, 6305K)
1984-1986 Catalog (.pdf, 4864K)
1983-1985 Catalog (.pdf, 3972K)
1981-1983 Catalog (.pdf, 3600K)
Academic Years 1970 - 1979
1979-1980 Catalog (.pdf, 3557K)
1977-1978 Catalog (.pdf, 3077K)
1975-1976 Catalog (.pdf, 3306K)
1972-1974 Catalog (.pdf, 1703K)
1970-1972 Catalog (.pdf, 1325K)
Academic Years 1968 -1969
1969-1970 Catalog (.pdf, 778K)
1968-1969 Catalog (.pdf, 1077K)
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